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William F.DUNE

Music from the Heart

'The Music and the Parade'

Een lied met een zekere hit potentie!

Het neemt de luisteraar mee met een melancholiek gevoel van verlangen en onmacht

Music and the Parade

The Music and the Parade

Oh dear oh dear, you ran away

Was it you’re smile, you gave away

Was there a reason, you ran away

The music or the parade

Silence, without you

Only thing I miss, no it’s not a kiss

Without you, oh without you

No music and no parade

Inside is everything and nothing at all

An opportunity and no one to call

Oh dear oh dear, you ran away

I miss your smile, you gave away

I know the reason, you ran away

The music and the parade

I still believe in it and no it’s not done

Two empty hands to give


Oh, I am so sorry, but the music will stay

To dance in the beautiful….

Parade of all my memories

With the colours of the shade

You’re smile, you gave away


You ran away, I’ll miss you’re smile

You gave away